Project Management

The most important aspect of project management is the coordination of all activities and bodies involved. Ensuring circulation of data among all project support groups, and among all design groups for uniformity of design, Do-Ron maintains an ongoing flow of communication between all project participants.

Project administration and management focus on:

 Budget framework

 On-site supervision ensuring quality and safety

 Integrated coordination of all disciplines in the project

 Keeping to time schedule

 Monitoring of project progress

 Submission of follow-up reports

Construction & Supervision

Involved from the earliest design stages, the construction and supervision team brings together designers and builders to mutual benefit, ensuring constructability, early organization of work requirements, and streamlined construction. The team is responsible for

 Plant installation management with supervision of all installation contractors in all disciplines, including start-up and commissioning


Validation is a vital element in project implementation, and accompanies every stage of Do-Ron’s projects from concept development to final plant operation. Starting with customer validation of initial process definition protocols, it includes validations by international standards and recognized authorities.

 Installation Qualification Protocols & Reports

 Operation Qualification Protocols & Reports

 Performance Qualification Protocols & Reports